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Pump R! Fr man i screamed at my first win at szn 2 chapter 1 š Why does everyone have that profile pic Edit : lol I did not it was the fish army xd fortnite u were better than this let me bring u back Frost_I not me I found it in recommended section Anyone Miss Fortnite Where Theres Was No sweats At all And When it was the top Game ever And now Its Placed 3rd 1st Place is Minecraft 2nd Is Apex It was about recommendations on yt and how you searched it TheDestroyer578 it was never the ātop game everā That profile pic is so annoying.

Yet kids still defend this game āfOrTnItE iSnT a DeAd gAmEā. I watched this first then trashy 2nd it was a maintain of cringe so i had to rewhwatch cause locked in cringe Yup. MrBigjack1980 play this game on pc and say that again I dont give a shit.

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