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The beat of the song is without a doubt the most amazing musical composition in history, 20 pro;s in a 100 person match is no fun, used to be a great game Ive randomly stumbled upon this almost 4 years later and I completely forgot about it until now?

Tilted Towers coming back would be awesome as well but I doubt it will. It actually kind of hurts I looked at my old clips felt like I was crying a bit Ry Dude nah I enjoy playing arena or squads with my friends and my gf U deserve 100k likes so epic can see this comment I prefer pubg and I liked it. EARRAPE INTENSIFIES Dakotaz not only hes good at sniping i am to Rt godd lamo why are people hating on other people Someone season 4 ruined everything.

This game used to be good, Shroud is coming for fortnite best spot in fortnite and shroud will be the best fortnite and pubg player Spencer FFA Twitch-Svennoss is better. Im 14 now and times have changed.

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