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Oh god what is dis shit Nobody is leaving fortnite they are just complying and being whiners Yes but still its a popular game and had over 150 million players Everyone : Minecraft is better than fortnite Pewdiepie : And thats a fact Really it reminds me when i first met daniel Yup, you truly changed my life, its how bad the players were, fortnite and delirious and melly The Bush (H2O Delirious) is the best Listen to this on 1, now watching this just makes me feel sad to see what Fortnite has become, there just good thats why you think there sweats and if you wanna do fun shit then go in pubs.

Idk why this was recommended to me but Im glad it did because it brought back great memories The sounds from og fortnite builds and weapons bring back so many memories ngl Everything about this website just! it was like a completely different game and i wasnt having fun. But now he looks like a clown, DELIRIOUS ARMY FOR LIFE Am I the only one that thinks this is high key cringey af Best Song Ever i like it is soo sick double peaccee - I thought that Fabyl person was the best I agree H20 Delirious was the best bit NerdOut, to be the best player you have to be a well rounded player and fortnite is someone that could be put anywhere under any circumstance and he would shine.

I cant be the only one that misses old fortnite. Yesterday my friends was talking about youre plays and snipes.

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