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I think Ill watch it a second time. Also, this game was something else ­ Anthony Patronaggio yep they ruined the game played in season 2 havent played in like 4 or 5 months its dead to me Sean O Moalreana yea the vid is but now its in a hole new Chapter 2 But youre agreeing this was when it was fun but then contradicting yourself by saying this was when they ruined the game. Pov: its and u heard this banger while playing with the Bois Oh yeah now this is website music at its finest When fortnite actually had good skins Lets be honest.

All skins now are trash To this day I still do bro and god bless DarkenDeath Gaming Bru I never said it was buddy­­ Nathyn Weinmann basically you did, today he is only a beast in every game, and you would get so excited and feel so good when you managed to kill someone while in a Bush, I get at least 2 TTV kids in my game.

Who else watching this 2 years later. 39 and times it by 100 0. Oh damn cool.

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