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Also I dont hate neither of those games just expressing my opinion dont hate me. I am, but U think its still poular Danny-_- Boy24 H20 Delirious all the way.

spit out my coffee and everything lol Watching this again really brings back memories ­ I like how delirious is just that one guy in a bush Delirious was the best and the funniest Listening to h2O part hits different and now he is having a kid H2O delirious and fortnite for the win!!!!.

im still watching my twitch clips from the past­ I remember when this was released almost 4 years ago I would always rap it with my friends in primary school, I was online with the boys and I turned it on and we got hyped The ssd thing is I still know all the words Nah did came recommended to me 2 years ago but the second didnt come for some reason Over fortnite fortnite fortnite fortnite fortnite fortnite yellow gold Ye but I was looking for actual rappers. Playing 1v1 sniper battles in playground.

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