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Hes spouting Bullshit Mounir ITA99 he killed 40 of the people in the game wtf Ive seen so many streams in tilted made two years ago Tfue was better than both of them at that time but he wasnt known Both fortnite and myth less than average and not competitive Tfue was jack tenneys brother and at that time all he did was flips and crazy stuff RaVe X Akimbo wasnt tryna make u laugh đ Azhar07 and I wasnt asking u to be cringe but yet u did it RaVe X Akimbo I didnt ask you for your opinion and your calling me cringe when you make Fortnite vidsđ When u watch fortnite its fine but if others do it you call them cringe Nice OK maybe not, but for once I am thankful for the website algorithm, only got it 3 times CHRIS BOONE start using builder pro contols Itachi Uchiha dude i started using builder pro and its so good, pero Lolito es mĂs rĂpido para matar.

i got vbucks for my bday. my friends think i have decived them, the real fortnite is always toxic and always will be. Looking at these clips really makes you think how bad the game got.

Games that are all about the action and less about the storylore, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command, like maybe 3 times more.

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