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A few days ago I played on NA East (200 ping for me) and won 3 games. sypher and fortnite playing duos makes me happy inside. Yeah kinda tried to over do it and it didnt go well My fav was 4 cuz it was the first biggest update Controversial opinion: you miss the unskilled gameplay, building sounds, when gaming was fun I remember when this came out, the only way you can change your gender in fortnite is by purchasing the gender you want to play with in fortnite, it would be the same feel as it was when you really first started, Welcome Back folks The good ol days man its just tears man Pov: you are watching this cause you are in the damn water Even IF epic games brings back all of the og things, and bushes Humble BigBird (DELIRIOUSARMYFORLIFE Dimitris zah 999 Messis better than Ronaldo Dimitris zah 999 thats not the trailer Dimitris zah 999 υ Dimitris zah 999 Are from that one Maximillias (or however you spell it) guys channel and u were spamming Oh yeah yeah The Commenter NO ONE likes search maximillian mus Dimitris zah 999 this FUCKING USER PROFILE PICTURE IS EVERYWHERE I FUCKING GO IT WAS EVEN ON IFUNNY ONE DAY Atafa Tajik oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah Love dis song and thanks for leting dakotaz sing i love dakotaz Everyone has the same profile picture Dimitris zah 999 who is singing at 1:50 pls somebody tell me Mr, but theyll never be the same as the good old days I remember I watched this over and over again This is lowkey fire bruh, cus the mic he uses for gameplay is a little messed up Gregoire Gasparini man Im just proud Cmon dude fortnite 101 bushes dont have shadows Fabvl doesnt play fortnite he just works and sings for nerdout When the song came out everyone: Oh ItS fortnite!!!!! Lorand Ormeny oh god please tell me your joking Lorand Ormeny Have you heard of old school rap G DEFALT defalt no hes not being mean hes just right.

I am a kid that plays website games and likes dinosaurs. The builder should have been tsm_themyth 1:21 just sounds so nice Idk why I like that bit so much Funniest H2ODelirious Best CDNThe3rd Most Relatable NerdOut Most Savage fortnite Most Creative Halocene Best Lines - AngelMelly Best Meme Dakotaz HomeOfXbox Gaming just aging, apex, or people who made a living off of the game.

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