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POV:YOU WATCH THIS TO REMIND THE OG GOOD DAYS ‚ The time when a gray pumps shot gun gave 220 damage for 1 headshot ‚ While me just shooting the orange pump and giving people 209 damage on the head. after that you take 0. 2:11 H20 delirious your welcome‚‚ 0:16 Only 90s kids will remember that This song made me realize what a fucking epic community were part of.

It wasnt fortnite to be a recordman Dxlled I play PS4 and PC and PC is much harder to play Ali A is better than fortnite by 99999999999 miles Dakotaz is better than both myth and fortnite for sure Fhfdu Their stats are not as good tho. It used to be so fun to play.

Seth That game is for 9 yr olds anyway.

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