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What good times that I wish I could relive one more time with my old squad Its almost and i remember every moment I spend playing this game with my friends Man the sounds, it made my day 11 replay Trent Hoffman ur probably a default thinking the games good Im quitting soon theyve ruined it Same I remember being so exited to get on every day in season 1,2 and 3 and now I only get on because I just want to play with my friends I miss everything but I like the new guns My favorite is fortnite and delirous Slept x i agree with you my friend this is my opinion too btw Slept x dude ikr h20 delirious is the fucking bomb Wolfzode website sorry dude but delirious was I used to believe that fortnite and h20 was actully in this ;-; I would literally anything to go back If you remember this.

Kids should have consent from a parent or they could be restricted from the game. Apparently itll hit tilt and mark the end of season 3.

Seasons 1-8 were great. 3k viewers He is getting fine views now He started playing fortnite again, Double Peace I love your part I can rap all of it I love you. Season 5 was the last good season I remember i was so hyped about fortnite being in this.

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