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thank you Brady Mcdevitt נננננ-נננ Good job!. Brandi Casteel sorry the facts have spoken Honestly i am so glad im not 9 anymore im in the double digits נ yet i liked fortnite kinda but i really do miss the old og skins and the great gameplay, fortnite will never be the same as it used to be Even if they did that the population of fortnite would go down because people that are good at the game would quit and thats the majority of people so Because everything has to change and the games going to get boring if they just keep everything the same.

Omg man good old days LikeableHydra 282 COD WaW, amazing times, it just changed the map but its still fun. Hes like Nate Dogg of this song? epic really fuckerd up a great game I have no choices of games to play, i would play it nonstop. I know for a fact if you were right then you wouldnt be this butthurt as you say.

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