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This was entertaining and good content. u will change ur mind FBI ReXTeX999 look at me I can barely GET A FUCKING KILL Meanwhile im struggling to get past 90 kills in 1 game lol fbi trex youre a god lolwell he can.

Lol you have so much power to hurt us soooooo much. Good times This brings backs a lot of memories :( The old and nostalgic times of Fortnite‚ Dont forget that was also when the game was actually good.

P Old fortnite When he used to play solo squads Nagging Doubt wow very funny haHAA xD LOL LMAO ROFL Every single time fortnite streams he gets like over 10 super dope hilights You get 10 kills in 4 minutes and I get in 30 minutes ,1‚‚ kill ū 16:49 anyone notice him try dodge the snipe irl Anyone from - watching this just for the memorys Bro you was the only one who I watch his fortnite website in the past. I mean its my opinion, the days when GRAY pump did 220 damage.

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