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Read more Rabbit Raider you have to click read more to even see that FIREBOLT ? Friso Koops u have low self esteem, realmente era uma briga limpa. Lol I come back 3 years later and still know all the lyrics Omg so much nostalgia I remember first hearing this 3 years ago I love thus song ננננננננננ Good times makes me cry of nostalgic ננ I used to listen to this during class back in lol i dont play fortnite often anymore but since i started getting back into it i like reminisce about the old days If fortnite was like this again then I would actually play נ Its been so long and i still know the whole song Its been 2 years and I still remember all the worlds It makes U realise how much the game has changed נ Everyone building ramps, You will always be in our hearts I just came here to remember the good old times and imagine that Im still in season 3 or something Its November and I want the OG Fortnite feeling back I remember this time before everybody didnt play competitive I dont know why this website makes me nostalgic When fortnite was still fun!

Lmao Nah, dawg. Max1575 you would Not kill an afk enemy Steifes_Huhn endlich mal einer der was rafft Marius tedaldi lol bullshit.

ScaryTerry its easier to get kills on console because it has worse players using worse controls.

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