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Now he only averages like 1. And btw, he uses the new. You are not human dude This should be 32 kill solo squad starting with 83 players Like si quieres un duo con lolito y fortnite seria espectacular­­­­­­­­ How did we go from this to dancing tacos and crouching props Website: Wanna see fortnite win a game 2 years later I actually thought this was click bait you deserve way more subs Edit: Yes I FUCKING know he has A million subs. I am the biggest fan ever can you give me a shout out you are so funny keep up the good work H2ODelirious your lines were the best­ Is that really If you laugh like a freaky clown Or just give smiley emoji­­ H2ODelirious you are my favorite websiter H2ODelirious lol Ill pretend Im a noob so I can be famous H2ODelirious holy water I didnt know you were here H2ODelirious I got killed by a bush meant today I hope it wasnt your name H2ODelirious big fan but when u attack me with a bush Ill be ready H2ODelirious I love you and your website channel ­­ H2ODelirious you where the best now I will check every bush H2ODelirious I LOVE YOU ÔÔÔÔÔ Delirious I really liked your rap nice job man H2ODelirious i loveeeeeee ur vids do a face revel H2ODelirious will you kill me in fortnite H2ODelirious I killed you in a game once.

fortnite recent vid only got 200k views lmaaaaaaooooooooooo I dont know but I still play like this I mean I dont build too much, then PC doesnt too, no sweats. Season 0-7 was amazing. Going total sweat, this comment was supposed to be sarcastic joke to make people laugh and it became comments war zone, the game fucked itself up for the majority of players.

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