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Hell no my list is way more accurate Tragiic Aspect Fabvl was only played twice cause they didnt have enough people sign up so they played Fabvls line for a 2nd time IMissAllMyShots shes from ­­, Fortnite wasnt even meant to be a battle royale in the first place. Damn time flies grandma was right Fortnite is just not the same anymore­ Omg i remember watching this at school with my friend Jan 30.

in the edit i said i meant to say after. But yeah the old seasons were nice. I just wish the smg and ar would get balanced True the game sucks season 3 through 6 was where the hype was XD I came back just to c if I could still rap it and I can ­­­ Itd get repetitive however I dont agree with the direction theyve gone with ÔFortnite, and nope I just went to check your channel, I need to mention an important point that the option of crouch is only available in battle royal mode of the game.

Dakotaz just has a great voice for rapping I love H2O Delirious so much he was on fire ­­­ and i love his laughsÔ H2ODeliriousArmy I love coming back to this vid, the game just knew, bring og fortnite back­ Omg tru Ive played since season 3 (chapter 1) Thing is fortnite already dead like i the biggest sweat stopped playing Still sweats are leaving no one likes fortnite even sweats hate it What u mean comeback us OGs where always here destroying the sweats like me and my M8 keep on getting dubs against sweats I mean the people who quit or rarely play Thats gonna take a while but i have apex and cod until then, Im here on a history field trip.

honestly love the improvement to the content lately.

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