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Im so sad this era had to end, it all becomes second nature with a little practice. fortnite WE STILL THINK YOU THE BEST!!!. Anyway, my ass over here with nostalgia missing the glory days of halo 3 and cod4 in like 2008 lol, guess i thought it became more of a cash grab day by day, gostaria de ler, all these crazy over exaggerated updates and changes to the game just make it not Fortnite anymore.

Chui dacord sur les deux website mais di tu affirme que gotaga et meilleur que fortnite cest ou que tu comprend rien ou ta jamais regardĂ les website de fortnite Le truc indĂniable cest la diffĂrence de niveau des joueurs FR et europĂen, just wager me because youre trash The memories boys when we used to remember the lyrics by Heart and sing it at school with ur friends đ Who else randomly remembered this and came here Bro Dakotaz sounds like Fe4rless đ… 2 years ago : Shooting from a sky base : Shooting from a sky base DIES FROM FALL DAMAGE Looks like somebody is butt hurt lol Arsalan ali u know its him with that laugh My friend would rap that line every day Ayden Gaumer yeah but now its better Ayden Gaumer no because its still dusty now is dusty divot Dusty means divot too.

Season 4 : worst season, a decent player with a mouse and keyboard could easily take out a good player on console plus all the good players you see on PlayStation are using mouse and keyboard anyway (PS4 has mouse and keyboard support on fortnite) dont know about Xbox though When your going for high kill games such as this its not all about skill, not website!

But theres a big difference between a good player and a sweat for example ceeday is a really good player but he doesnt sweat the game unless he has to Im gonna agree with you there because i used to love watching ceeday but he never uploads because he cant get content anymore from fortnite because of the sweats.

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