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Halocene Names of the characters r The show off r Sniperr Noobr The bush r The trap master The pro 0XO Dab Im not making this up turn on captions when they sing they have names Friends in school are obsessed with this song.

Fabvls verse any other verse in this song He sounds souless and he rhymes time twice Always quoted the honesty your trash dude since I was the best out of the friend group He rhymed the same word twice, 2k players know her from Tyceno Only people Im familiar with are Delirious and fortnite, feels bad Oh my mistake keep the sub tho have a great day Have a good day sir and live a happy life A noob player. 25x its even more firrreeee Darraghdigby okay i get it im just trying to make a joke Thats cool and all but I dont remember asking A random kid and i dont remember asking you to reply The only reason he is so high in the comment section is cause everyone e called replied to his comment Joe Samsung what it is better then the new dusty Amber Mihalyfi I like the new place near dusty but r.

Too bad that the meteor destroyed dusty My favourites are CDNThe3rd and Dakotaz Season 8 Still SMG Spams RIP LAZY LINKS, you cant change your skin or gender in the game, and when, I wouldve been wearing a default for my entire life CyBeR JoZh bro season 5 better graphics and they Added a lot of good citys Ben in Season 5 they Added a lot of good citys Hold up and be Quiet To Let The Enemies Seeing Me Hiding duct in Busesh Silencer Pistol Your On The Ground Crying Im Flying off an Launch pad landing in the trees Snipe From above peaking threw the Leaves Guess you Can look Around But You Never Find Me HAHA When Fortnite was actually addictive and fun Ive listened to this song a 100 times at least Im not joking Me: I attack with blue-eyes white dragon Halocene: I ACTIVATE TRAP HOLE WITH SPIKES, your childhood was awesome Edit: Sarcastic btw Fun fact: The Girl Builder is a singer, the outrage there would be today.

lol Nowadays online seems to play in the year 3000 The fucking mechs lmao btw my fav season is 8 Calm down man, 1.

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