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P tomato R. Wish we could go back just for a day before fortnite died hair and when cdn was the funniest streamer and when season 3 was in progress I remember literally listening to this while 1v1ing in tilted playground literally brings a tear no cap I miss the old fortnite when everyone had a chance to get a win and all that Who back here for the memories and the hype this song had Dakotas voice is sickkk. Your part was the best ננננננ Are the kids actually triggered my guy, and it would be changed as soon as you proceed further.

Sheridan KittleIII honestly Minecraft didnt changed a fucking thing. Tacs suck and they do nothing about it.

I remember me and my friends singing this back in 5th grade and now were in high school ננננ fortnite and H20 DELIRIOUS hitting different though after almost 4 years its still so good Imma play this at new year as soon as fortnite part drops Been 4 years and im still watching this Man this song hit me with so much nostalgia 3 years later and still remember the whole song This is still so good tho its so old 3 years and i can almost remember every lyric word for word Thank you for the memories, toppling all these try hard clout chasers.

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