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CDNThe3rd 0:10 3. To play, i think it was season 4 you could have that lmao Bro I from season 2 I remember all I remember when grafics where pure shit I remembre when tere was a bug in the eiver and you can put inside the floor because of that glitch I remember gray pump Memeashi 6ics 9ain mg brain hurts so bad Andy Melgar10 Isnt the max nowadays 61 Me and I was a lot better because I had more kills because I only used my rpg and I had like 40 ammo That was there tell like season 4, if you play more youll get at least 3-4 like me, its 23.

people have gotten better at the game, new fortnite look so boring also when I played chapter 2 there were to many things on my screen. 2:53 Cinematics of the map well never get again Back when the game was actually good When this came out life was going so good Such a classic its just the best comeback No matter how bad fortnite gets,we all will remember how elite it was Back when content creators where the best players I miss this game when it was actually good.

I made really good friends through fortnite who I still play with even now! Sometimes I dont play on some days bcs I take breaks. Xbox one Me.

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