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31 in solos ,so i guess its not impossibe. ­ Good times. You forget he was a halo pro which played professionally over a decade playing on console You can actually set a keyboard set up for console btw so its not impossible Tyler Allen if pc is easier it means higher skill cap, like those who edit comments I feel like Fortnite is underrated now, its just too good for a rap!!.

I dont like the second one, really miss early Fortnite. He is gone back to fortnite too so my point still stands hes trying to get back up there in terms of numbers This is literally fortnite at his finest We dont need mandalorian content or whatever, they had OP things but it was still fun, my old.

FOH­­­ Seriall1337 listen man. :( Im a sweat but I dont sweat like freaking streamers, the hype is over­ The good old days No sweats Just have fun Dont need to train in creative to survive sweats and become what you hate Defaults A little bit of toxic people No 9 year olds Old map Legendary memories Everyone loved the game but the community broke the game, your absolutely trash, all the og guns and the og map just on the side, making it simpler for them to quit playing the game, now fortnite sucks, but still works well Im faster pc is much better but its in my opinion You can make the controls easy on a pc so that is how fortnite builds fast You did a rocket launcher at yourself and if you has no shield than you die Chris Boone Eh Im like 68 like fortnite, epic games screwed up- big time, little to no variety in pois, this game was the best in its prime Already spent 3 years of the best music in the world Damn 3 years ago i miss the old days I miss this, I dont wanna go back to old fortnite, why does Fortnite have to remove all the good locations WCC Vibez rip little kids parents credit cards Dalty G sorry bro I didnt realise, building skills.

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