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Nostalgia Imagine getting 32 kills and not winning XD I love in the first kill where it takes so long to hit, sorry my bad :) Flappy Nugget 7 oh yea who won the pubg invitational oh yea thats right I was fortnite and his team in terms of best shot Id probably say shroud has the best shit in the game but overall playcalling and everything hes the best at pub for sure if you even watched people play the game I wasnt sure about h1 never really watched him play t but people always said it so I included it John Randall You call people randoms lmao John Randall get out of the comments and do something with ur life, I was thinking the same thing Me dude I quitted fortnite 2 months ago Rex he is (sometime) when roasting someone SNiCkErZ_ bArZ lol he can do everything and anything.

All the memories I had on this game. Omg Its Carlos no he doesnt have the world record a ps4 player has it right now the record with 36 kills on squads Ti complice 974 Yeah hes good but he doesnt upload a lot, this looks sooooo old.

Prob started in season 7. Please do a Remastered with Myth or Some How get Myth in itš NerdOut.

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