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Yo this website hits hard with the nostalgia only ogs would know The best fortnite was in season 1 when no one knows to build and people were not that pro but now its totally opposite RIP Old school Fortnite Watching this back a years later you can really appreciate and see how much more skilled players have gotten Old fortnite was the best thing ever Nah season 4 for me although season 1 was fun This was good times.

and when you would see a john wick. Romans 10:13 6. It was simpler, but it was alot for back then. I remmeber watching this I was just addicted I guess I have no proof that when it came out I saw it but I swear I did lol LETS GO I GOT fortnite RAPPING AT THE NEW YEAR The god old days Already 3 years Ago.

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