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You have to reload immediately as the tip of the shotgun hits its peak recoil height. Just look at the bottom Tbh he kinda sounded like jake paul but his part was nice Yaboy Cam it says on bottum of screen Rick WELL THEN WATCH IT ITS VERY POPULAR Ik his lines were ok but they didnt really rhyme, or needs to, Things You Will See. NetJ plays with a controller on console. These people simply do not understand that the default dance is the center of existence.

Omg ive came back to this song after 2 years I heard this song in 4th grade and its still goated and some many good time Favourite: CDNThe3rd Please make a sequel cause this is amazing Only OGs remember the shotgun shot across loot lake by MrGrimmz If you play fortnite from season 1-4 your an actual double pump og Lol I remember playing this in class Little did we know at the time but this was societys peak Uninstall the game because honesty your trash dude.

And your calling me a bot. But loved it I Remember when I thought I could live in the storm in buildings Same.

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