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Fuze Gaming2 rwooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh Bro this comment old bro. If you cant see a game doesnt have to be good to be popular, obviously you didnt play back then because your like 9, playing with the boys and not against raging 9yos Weird that 32 solo kills matches 32 mil views lmao The one thing i hated about the old fortnite was fall damage.

EVERYBODY BE QUIET!!. This game used to be good, i hope they make an updated one. DOPE Halocene Ur part was cringy af, we were in the same 1X1!? Nah its honestly fire, friends lost. God times This was my jam and still is to this day oh the good old days of chapter 1 4 years in march and am still listening to it ­­­ This is all Ill hear whenever I drop tilted now Damn i miss when fortnite was like this honestly He sounds like a 12 year old trying to put on a deep voice­ I can cry­i fucking miss this times.

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