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The people on PS4 are so bad Lmao people saying console has such shitty players just watch all the website fortnite posts, and click to change your Fortnite name, then I watch OG fortnite and start to cry cause I realize the game will never be the same­ Seeing how fortnite didnt pick up gold and purple weapons Man this came up on my feed, the game isnt Yes, he sounds like that now AustinPlay H2O was better than nerdout Delirious is the Hider but also the Troll :P See how Minecraft took 8 years for some website to reach 100 mil views but takes old fortnite to bring all these people to bring it to 100 mil in 2 years and we got some OGs here and I respect them since some of these players in this song dont even play fortnite anymore Lwoa mind ur own business plus I like both games very much Well of corse he has da name on under the screen Why does it sounds like 3 gta characters FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE EXACTLY LIKE ME!!.

Its crazy how many of you dont understand sarcasm Either u are joking or you are dead serious. When you hear fortnite swearing and see tilted towers, and I also dont think that all fortnite players hate pubg, har├ un website reaccionando a fortnite y a Lolito porque son los mejores del mundo en fortnite !!!.

You could do better kid Nathan Hallman Sitting at a screen and making bank without having to do actually stressful labor. Minor Pear just got my personal record with 11 solo kills Well dont feel too bad, cdn.

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