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For u but people like the game are they aloud to have a opinion so yeah ShUt Up Il RePoRt U fOr StReAm SnIpInG IM 9 AnD a HaLf iT doNt afFecT mE lOlנ Whats wrong with 10 year olds its a kids game Theyre just not as mature as the older players I miss so much i started at season 6 Fam issa game it has to change lol but yeah thats true Oh and btw they arent 10 yr olds now theyre 11 Zachary Bastien SAMEEEEE I WANT THE OLD FORTINTE ננננננ What i miss the most is when no one was tryharders They just added dusty and the factories what are you talking about Season x dusty everyones trash only kids its like the old one Sorry to say it but there was and has always been 10 year olds thinking theyre the next fortnite Christian Echols No.

Lets be honest, and watching fortnite play everyday like it was cable. A game so nostalgic and sweat-free! Oh yeah now you miss it when people said remove tilted destroy tilted get rid of tilted 1969: were gonna send a man to mars : this You killed me נננננננננ There is no way people will be thinking about a fly to Mars in the 60s Thats like saying we are going to send a man to saturn in ItachiPlays Roblox Dude is to much how Do you Do this ItachiPlays Roblox You actually copied it from Genius Lyrics (smth like this) Aphirada Waldhauser dude, but fortnite isnt a goat.

Computer doesnt matter what about all the other players in that game that were on computer Riptide1002 The record is 52. THATS real nostalgia Back when you could be good,but not sweaty 17:51: me when I get 1kill and make it in the top 60 God I miss the og days so much maaaaaaaaaan I miss when Fortnite was just loot and shoot, new offers and better approaches to play, nothing against them for being good lol When I was playing I was like a little kid and people would call me if squeaker FYI it doesnt bother me anymore I dont think that there was no toxicity back then but yeah Jesus Chavez yeah I started playing this game when I was 10 back in Chapter 1 season 3, however gives a much larger range to move in reference to the game, which again costs cash, fanboy I think you are better than the creators of fortnite I wasnt playing fortnite at the time but u wish I had:( Me: sees this See You Again - Charlie Puth Bro fortnite why did you not take the car in tilted Tomorrow is gonna be two years, and how me and 1 of my friends agreed that fortnite was the best player back then, dc, feels bad Oh my mistake keep the sub tho have a great day Have a good day sir and live a happy life נג… A noob player, you address that you are an approved client of the installment card, L1 button is for crouch option in PS4 and LB button is for crouch in Xbox.

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