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But I doubt he can get close to that number on chapter two season two δγγγγγγγγγ¨ιγγη¨ιγδγγ-γγγγγεγγγγγγ MySTiC_KiD OnEs cause ps4 has real gamers Good point maybe thats the main reason why my friend on ps4 gets dubs more easier on xbox one Louis Duncan hmmm so proffesional station 4 xD MySTiC_kiDD OnE a dude called βhand crafted on my friend list has over 500 wins.

Despite how good you are the game is boring dealing with the year long fights just to get 3rd partied. Brings the good old memories with the OG bro π This brings back some memories and I still remeber the words from 3 years ago lol Back then in when fortnite was everywhere.

Wolfpack gaming yeah we need the squad to get together!. Thats what made those days stand out. This shit is fireπ good fortnite times as well. now i call myself a tryhard because i am, I get hyped over 1 kill :D I get hyped when i am in 99th place Most kills i have got is 3, mamma mia quanti like!!, they dont play for fun they just play Bc theyre addicted, but in this he just does an awesome rap.

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