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Making it so you have to build to the max height every single fight makes you feel stressed while back then you could lay back and actually focus on shooter mechanics. They just pointed out how if you played the game earlier, now he plays it for money There was a guy who got 39 kills and was close to 40 soooo Keagan Hilborn even though fortnite is trash You should check out Hoshi_YT hes sick Ouais mais gotaga la aussi fait ננ Vraiment infame lol ce que les mecs se prennent alors quils sont 3 4 dessus.

Ikr, she said the cool people are just jokes Jax175, then maxes out their health in less than second with a single fish. The choice to join another game is exceptionally straightforward and fast to do, that was an accident Mate hes like 100 tiers above your level SavageLasersXDub I had a zero kill solo game before.

Edit: 3k lol The game now Me: shoots once at a aura skin. Lol u havent and if u did u wouldnt even play fortnite anymore and dont try and call me trash cause no one cares how good you are cuz no one above the age of 10 plays the game Season 8 to chapter 2 season4 sucjs but 5 is good and I miss og 2 3 4 56 and 7 Ahh its one of these kids that started playing around S8 when it started getting worse and thinks hes all that but gets Shit in in every match getting a 10-14 kills per match playing fortnite 6 hrs per day not going outside more than 3 times per week school doesnt count Say that to the players that are way better than you still quoted say that to the streamers like fortnite and other ones that were good and still quited bc yk why not bc of skill but bc of how yall take the game so serious it cant even be fun nm No one could stop it.

Why commenting this was post 3 years ago How i do it every day with my friends Lets be honest at least he used inverted commas Landing clocktower brings back memories Yea it was hella fun coming home from middle school Cant believe this game is gonna be 5 years old wtffff :( Theres to much sweats now you cant even enjoy the game no more ננ I still remember the last day we all played together but didnt realized it would be the last :,) Yep.

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