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This win was for the guy who dropped his Mac an cheese lol Back when building was not a thing,now you shoot 1 bullet to a person,and that person builds like crazy I need a dollar dollar the dollar is all I need ahhh the good old daysÔ Back when ur was easy to go for high killsjust admit it it lmao Leif 5 inch isnt that small.

Brings back good moments with the boys­­ 3 years later Im still astonished delirious didnt use the headset mic Who else remembers singing this song with the squad in season 3 So glad h20 was on this his track was fire Brings cool memory in that season miss tilted so much From a season 1 player, and brought back some og mechanics and og sounds, he sure likes his rocket launcher So many memories, when crapnite was actually fun.

Great website Had so much fun with the boys. If you stated playing the game today and just now heard of it, it feels like if you want to actually kill them you have to devote your entire life to that game.

H2ODelirious omg Delirious gj I loved nerdout and watch ur vids everyday thats awesome u rapped :) H2ODelirious I vote for you lirious youre the best H2ODelirious you monster I will aways check now­ H2ODelirious. Who else came to see when Fortnite was good for nostalgia I just went on fortnite tracker and most of the people fortnite killed dont even play anymore.

Edit: I said past, eu joguei na 1Ôtemporada do cap├tulo 1 e sei como ├ isso.

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