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And fortnite being a kid dominated game it has such kids. I miss this so much, the last time I streamed on Twitch was probably about 3 months ago lol. Like yes theres a lot of sweats now but at the same time thats just cuz people are good and thats how its meant to be. This is nearly 3 years old now wtf i miss and early fortnite so much Nostalgia hit hard. I respect him too much to listen to thatš Queen Elizabeth got her wealth from Africa Inflence on a bunch of toddlers maybe lmao I remember when season 4 came out we were all so hyped about it Fam.

also that doesnt change ur age, stairs with side rails. I just had a heart attack realizing it was actually the players rapping, and it sucks because I really want to like the game again like I did back then but now I cant even play one match without getting bored Ppl that say that are equally as bad face it the game is trash you probably couldnt even experience the early stages of the game You literally said they improved the game by adding cool stuff now ur saying they adding dumb stuff lol and I started even before season 1 YGuy1 the game is horrible to play because of the community.

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