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The Xbox is great to play on, etc) Ogs should remember that chest location 3:25 And my record is a 5 kill 7th place. Me and him played almost every day, but the game is still fun! And doesnt make my life sad that I came back to a one year old website lol. Season 1-5 was arguably the best game ever created and I dont think I will ever feel the same about a game ever again Damn i miss the old slurp that gave 25 health and shield fortnite: Drops 32 kills in season 2 Me: Season 12 still not dropping a 10 bomb Ahh when not everyone was a complete sweat who builds castles in 2 seconds Man your transformation not only personality but also gameplay is insane bru This man just hit my all time snipe back to back like it wasnt shit Back when players didnt build a tower in 5 seconds I remember the days when fortnite actually used to read the donation messages Because we were all trash back then nowadays people build fast af and play everyday Imagine seeing someone crank 90s in season 3 When the snipers used to show both shield and health when hitting a headshot, its not some magic number, but fortnite isnt a goat, every single time I hear it, I wanted to reminisce over when I loved fortnite Loot lake was such a nightmare to get across haha, and i die instantly :v Many people play fornite a lot and they are really bad, not as fun as og times but its different.

and they went into a state of mind where the only thing they cared about was money and so made the game where many kids would get it and they would spend their parents money on it.

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