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Weak in EnglishÓo´. MrBigjack1980 play this game on pc and say that again I dont give a shit. All just my opinion though I understand you Ive been having fun again on the new chapter its just theres so many glitches on console ttm­ True, the world was at peace and fortnite was so fun man Tryhard kid.

I get shot once and my character dies faster than my brain can register. 5 with h2os part Lol Ive already put this comment up two days ago, hey neighbor!!­ Hej tez jestem z polski im also an amarican TheSkeletor you cant be american and polski at the same, dunno.

It same its rare for me to get a kill I suck ­ I celebrate when i dont accidently land in the water Honestly same lolo. im noob af xD Teathloac M.

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