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Cuz i hate cod ppl are toxic af but that just opinion I miss when the game was like this! I know I start crying loudly when everybody is being sad about og because they played and I didnt even get to play it one second You missed out, habs auch gesehen grade. Seriously bunch of clowns running epic games Been saying that for a while.

Yall are asking for too much. I missed the 3rd birthday of this song Horde Rush has the Pump but solo RIP PUMP Pump shptgun does 200 dmg for the head lol Alpha Raccoon then why you watching this website Fresh Pizza24 to make fun of you kids Lets be honest this song is still a banger even after the death of fortnite Play on 1.

People like myth and Sypher who build battle back then too. Alxander Spetz lmao, you have aim assist.

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