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KosarPlayz lol not at all hes good but fortnite is just better NewYorksVeryOwn Everyone gots a opinion you cant correct him with yours lol. yeah, especially because its Fortnite Man, thank you. Well i mean everyone gets good at website games so if the map comes back it can be better than it is now because i havent played the game in a while Literally FN just make new skins for money they dont give a sht for us Dont forget competitive players, can you find a joke a bocce ball No.

We all ogs wish to get back in time and enjoy Fortnite again! Seems I didnt get too good of a result. Its just very difficult to pull off because so many people are sweats. Plz do a rap battle between cartoons and h2o delirious that would be EPIC NerdOut?

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