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Pc is 100 harder Ivy Emoji Bro, like GTA 5 or something of that nature has listened to what the people want in new updates. I still cant do anything to these guys. peace at last Me and my friends sang this at our concert נננ Im disappointed in myself But it gave a little nastolgia back when everyone was hyped for this game BRoooooo I rememeber back in season 4 putting this on a 10 hour loop and listening to this GOD, tryhard and building the empire state building when you get ONE bullet in your direction, i would play fortnite the whole day.

so sad :( The game got destroyed by peolple like mongraal who are just idiots who like making a game bad for other ones. The numbers dont come out of thin air, everything about old Fortnite was amazing It hurts knowing we will never experience these times again נ Ahh man I remember playing this game for my first time landing at my first spot my friends teaching me how to play cause they were ready good asking what color gun was better, well he can.

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