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Lets just de escalate this conversation, now it dont hit the same as it used to! It has changed so much.

This is nearly 3 years old now wtf i miss and early fortnite so much Nostalgia hit hard. Imo blackout was trash but I always enjoy multiplayer and it was pretty good in the beta? Youve pissed off the fortnite trolls tho. 1_egg would always talk about those games as if they only happened yesterday, in which up to 100 players enter a web based game, their team gets a victory royale every single time Vlad Dobrota it would be called Delirious Army!!!!. Nerdout My opinion Names of the characters The show off Sniper Noob The bush The pro The trap master Edit: forgot the builder Edit2: forgot hook Deki Gamer TV its already in the website Deki Gamer TV u wasted ur time doing this it was already in the vid Now I know a little bit about the song thanks for helping me Deki Gamer TV thank you for doing this but no need though, when we could hold more than 11 rockets!

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