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Keep it up bro? Many members of the community have left the game along with the websiters. Its just not fun anymore What a old time glad to see this on website again That damn scar sound brought back nostalgia more than anything else in this website Dam remember doing 150 headshot damage with a grey pump from 10 meters away good times.

MetalHead Pikachu PUBG is WAY easier than Fortnite Nathaniel Guerrero well, youll see your community isnt the best, se vocĂ foi um player antigo ou OldSchool. Nickholas Lakatosh its not a secret that fortnite makes a lot of money every month, He was the best Auto tune to the max tho so not really Royal Rumble King Fortnite Fortnite lets go I get it all night night for show Deadly Frost269 dude he was savage with that Bush tho like daaaam Deadly Frost269 Same.

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