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Fortnits map is so small that all u have to do is get to the center of the circle hide in a cave or bush and wait to the circle to get smaller. Kushinmysw1sher definitivamente eres Mxicano JAJAJ KidShifty never saw that comment before TheDragonKiller 909 its cause its from a stream Fortnite is the best game in the word You are not so good but you are so Lucky with your shots When a console player has 36. I swear this is the most viewed fortnite fortnite website 5 more kills and you beat the record, with week by week updates and difficulties?

Jojje Games they talk about his snipes tho Jojje Games YAS BETTER but clips meh Lex Gamer what do u mean fake It got removed X Trippy xD 1 H20 2 Cdn 3 Angelmelly Actually no its not it says at bottom fortnite sucked.

Ragmop22 I think that only happens when ur aim is bad and u dont hit many pellets. Also there shouldve been a huge edit delay. H2ODelirious lel delerious ur amazing post it on ur channel H2O your the funniest websiter in this website!!.

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