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Dani Idk twitch gets some of that money but he probably makes around 300k altogether anyway as he has 4m subs on Yt as well Nicholas Lakatosh youre so mad LMAOOOOO GET OVER IT Lol 200k. people get better and better etc! Players skydive onto a little island, let alone his brilliant lyrics Lmao anyone else notice all the most subscribed fortnite players are in the website name and no one else ha idk Master Gamer Hold Up, no one liked her part.

Season 1: fun Season 2 :fun Season 3:fun Season 5: spray and pray Season 6: zombies Season 7: planes and swords Season 8: gooing into the water because of the cannons,and overbuild Season 9: the most overpowerd gun was added Season 10: mechs Chapter 2: no mobility I dont know why I still play this game People just keep coming to titled all game lol OMG fortnite i am italian for i subscribe your canal you is very strong in fortnite battle royal you is my websiter favourite ттт Can someone pls give me their Apple ID with Fortnite on it Krish T eww fortnite nostalgia, but mainly I was mad at him for not taking the purple tac shotgun over the green pump JackTheGreat, on PC.

BlackSwag47 it rlly isnt doe!

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