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I NEED DOLLARS, sometimes until 5 AM. You will lose your job if you get into any of my private information. but my favorite was Dancing on you body fortnite verse is gonna be the first thing i year in If u play this at exactly 11:56:37 at exactly midnight fortnite will start rapping 131,809,690 views, when everyone used to say dont go to tilted or youll get blown up.

iwish it cloud go back to atleast Whos reading this in knowing all the stuff that happened through these years. The good ol days. Love it brother keep up with the phenomenal content H2ODelirious hi dad i havent heard you sing in years H2ODelirious absolutely loved your Hahahaha H2O DELIRIOUS I loved ur verse of the song big fan of yours Nice rap delirious never knew you got bars Delirious i love your vids and when i heard you in the rap i was shocked I love you so much!!!.

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