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Not just the fact that fortnite left a great impression but in general everyone says that - was the peak of their childhood. 1 like 1 pray for Dusty Depot Actualmente si vas con el caballero negro te hacen bulling de que eres manco XD Bruh i get 3 kills then i die in the storm this game is corrupt ong Only 90s kids remember Tomato Town Edit: only who born in 19th century remeber dusty depot and im one of them :) Bro session 1 and 2 when everyone was trash and the map was amazing shotguns worked and the music was nice those were the days Old 1800 kids will remember sniper pumps Only 80s kids will remember no named dusty depot Son uva digger Fan I dont rly care about that one XD Lol dusty depot is not an og location Only 90s kids will remember gray pump and purple tac Ishandeep Singh I joined in Season 1, smile because it happened, but building is smoother now Life was still complicated AF back then.

Great battle pass, fixed bugs,etc Jaden Fernandez I know it was a essay his teacher assigned Season 4 made the map ugly because of the giant hole Exactly I played 2k too until I went back to fortnite I agree with your comment for the most part, notwithstanding.

Fortnite offers an in-game criticism device in the Main Menu of the game to report awful player conduct. Then they complain about trash shotguns.

It hurts when the realization that our streamers and players wont be like this again.

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