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4:02 this boi donates 100 and he doesnt even blink an eye 4:51 never mind. Thank you for taking your time to read this, take a shower ,eat breakfast and just play fortnite all day ,it was the season 6 ( stretch res) times ,back then fortnite was so quiet ,no player would be around u if u land at a non popular place ,I would play solos all day and then my friends also join playing with me ,we had a whole squad till season 9 ,it was soooo fun ,fortnite is.

נננ 1:51 My favourite was cdnthenerd and nija fortnite!!!!. NERDOUT Whos hatching this in because there is nothing to do Still listen inFortnite is appraised 12 by PEGI. As a casual player, the other rarities do 30 They nerfed the pumps significantly so they literally do less than 100 body unless it purple or gold and 90 of the time even the gold only does about 30 to the head.

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