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SiahTheMessiah well that hit pretty hard­­ 1000 subs with no vids I thought I was the only one Mathius Alejandro tu qu├ haces aqu├ esto est├ en ingles Bryan Johnson jajaja se ingles y no ha dicho gran cosa solo como soy el puto amo me cago en todo etc jajaja traducido mas o menos La camara no alcanza a enfocar las manos Waw porque tus website son pura skill!

My lasting memories of 1_egg are simple: a hard-working, H2O Delirious and Fabvl was the best in the website Im Frosty why does this have some many likes The RB and MC Gamer idk im just a normal person who comment LilBIGman1414 I just hate it when he says Fortnite fortnite lets go I get it all night all night for show WOOOoOoOOoOoOoOo Dark is the best (akanDakotaz) fortnite: your trash dude Tfue: Are you sure about that, he probably has a gaming pc worth a couple grand Probably has a 1080TI graphics card, soy de Mexico­ ╬╬╬╬╬╬¤ ╬á╬╬╬¤╬¤╬¤ ╬ ¤╬ ¤╬╬¤¤╬¤╬ ╬╬¤ ╬Ş╬ ¤╬¤¤ 3-4 kills ╬╬╬ ╬Ş╬ ¤╬¤¤ ­ ╬╬¤ 17 ╬¤¤ ¤╬¤╬╬ ¤╬ ¤╬╬ ¤╬╬╬╬ I cant even get 10 kills lol in fuckin garbage but i love this game Panagiotis Skolarikos why do you random Russian speakers reply to a English comment I average like 6 lmao.

Id even go to say there are more Auras then soccer skins. Ah yes the good old days where only other players and fall damage could kill you Fortnite used to be chill and fun. sucks we cant play them anymore Its because warzone is so much more fun than fortnite especially playing with friends I find it the regular map too big and slow paced in my opinion but I love the rebirth map Yall stay complaining about sweats get better dont get mad that they progressed and you didnt they actually put time and dedication to this game.

Well I mean u are a ps4 player so the skill ceiling is very low lol MySTiC_kiDD OnE because your using console Sebastian Fajardo does PS4 suck at Fortnite MySTiC_kiDD OnE yeah men watch noahfromwebsite hes a beast at ps4 fortnite Louis Duncan HAHAHAHAA THE BEST JOKE !!!.

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