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Chapter 2 is pretty good its just that less ppl play it now Yeah its sad how sweaty and competitive it is now i can hardly have fun without some dude building like he is in the matrix Yeah fortnite was best in season 3 and season 4 Grace, yet high recurrence of games. Bruh? I think Ill watch it a second time. I love how most of these comments are people coming back and realizing how much of a better game Fortnite was back then.

The timing of weapon swapping is faster as compared to the pump animation. Møre RĂce why does everyone say 1-3 is OG that was when it was popular and lots of people were playing like df Yo the season 1 of a rember when salty had no name I start playing Fortnite 2 days after release. Dakotas was nice and smooth Damn his voice was smooth NerdOut.

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