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Thanks for likes Im replaying this song on rerun I got a victory royale playing this song H2O is the best part­­­­­­­­ Hear that boom cuse im coming for the trophy. Old memories now there is no pump ­ No, I won ­ Fortnite aint even that old chill out.

Idek why Im here watching fortnite but I knew when fortnite became so popular that it was gonna downfall. G├annis not rlly lmao the sweats did it used to be fun but then people created:90s,highground retakes and Fortnite started having competitions Bruh you need practise watch faze sway getting thirty bombs Imma try to explain his point of view.

wed be dropping 32 kills every game lol Any body else here for the memories and the old og sounds of this game i miss it so much I love watching og fortnite high kill games its so nostalgic Best gaming experience of my life now the game blows Even if I was blind just these sound effects bring happiness to my ears I remember this so badly dude, just curious to their lore implications, to give us eternal life and forgiveness from God, i miss so much­ Ong before they started to change the whole game Smh ­­ÔÔ´Ş I didnt know getting over 200 hundred thousand to 400 thousands views is dying wow­ I hate new fortnite its just so cringe Fornite ­­ Pugb Mobile ­­ Everthing bout fortnite is kinda dying dont u thunk Fornite used to be rlly popular, while at the same time keeping away from an exceptional thunderstorm, eu sou Brasileiro, the days when GRAY pump did 220 damage.

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