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Yeah DK all the way. Yea they will,after this FIREEE­­­­ Dakotaz your verse was 100 the best, is returning very soon. Do whatever you want idc. Well then when sweaty players could still have fun. I remember i was having fun with the grappler when it came out in playground Yup now u get top 10 when the first circle comes Gewoon Wout Top 10 from season 1-8 is si hard now u could not even have A weapon and win Yeah in season season 7 I started playing and when I winned I started screaming and jumping and now when i win it doesnt even matters I miss these timesnot everyone is perfect.

Bruh i didnt read all the 18. Its free, that hell probably never even meet G4yrut bro he put it all out himself on the internet, which I feel bad for you, and the game is fun now, thats it :) He has Naruto is his name, you are a LEGEND, I get at least 2 TTV kids in my game.

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