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Uk i tried to trick kids into a 2012 meme but hey it got removed Damn that sucks. It is said even though I dont play the game Its so good too I remember I loved the girl and I used to sing her part at school ­­ I watched it soo much it WAS recommended I searched for dakotaz and this popped up True i found form sketch vid sound good So your cat cat plays fortnite lol (jk) This is my bf brothers favourite song hehe When it got released 2 years ago it was in my recommended Just buy srac stock and tell everyone to do it Everyone should buy this stock: SRAC.

At least he was better than fortnite lol Telay haha rapping isnt about speed­ Lightningbeatz i know but his lines are amazing Skate or die stay skateing same it wasbest Skate or die stay skateing It was THE BEST SAME BRO Thanks love you guys and hit the sub button Royal Rumble King agree :D i got wet tho Jeez dont take that so serious lol :D Royal Rumble King Yeah, it may have been a fake but Im sure it was him I wouldnt last 1 sec against this guy The Sonic I read this in a Ugandan accent lol Jeffaldoo 23 he copied a websiters quote Bob the builder can we fix this fortnite curse words Back when infants didnt use comment sections Ois├n Coen Why is this SO fucking true People get good at games get over it Bro right know in fortnite days ppl Bob the builder we can fix this want to fix this fix fornite we want the old seasons back Back when everyone was not a ttv soccer skin that acts like the best player in the game Back when people didnt steal jokes from websiters If its more building than the spam here.

Its not just the game but and where some of the best years of my life. I have nothing against these new players because obviously people are going to get better but not everything has to be so sweaty Who watching this in wishing they could go back when times were simpler in fortnite this was copied by justin Lee Crazy thing is that the way we wanna go back to these times, say hello to fortnite from me if you can Bruh, scar noises, no one slays the rules of the game the way Ninja does, it is actually somewhat decent again.

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