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­­ H2O was the best for me hope he will win ­­­ Who else watched this is and feel such nostalgia listening to it again I only watched this to hear H20 rap­ TekNo 1 boi ceez is epic, and his mic is probably the worst out of all I Hit Clipz hes actually really good. You just might not dodge all the sniper bullets. No way. Great job fortnite­­­­­­ fortnite is so chill.

Elijah Rodbaugh yeah i can assure you the 34 of the fortnite community that doesnt bash pubg isnt toxic, and even I feel it less fun than old fortnite, and there are huge differences between sweats and pros. Jdke_ bruh I thought it was fortnite, however battle royales and games like overwatch it would be pc for sure I wouldnt say the best player because you still have dakotaz CDN and spacelyon Tyland 1129 what about myth his building skills can save his life The best player is lolito.

The blue sniper did 55 to the body!

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