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Slade-siabot Slade-siabot I find the foreign language. 8 segundos ver al fortnite de antes el no se ve tan bueno, good old times, he sounded alright tho Trueblack10 Gaming and Vlogs fortnite was the worst! fortnite And Myth Would Be Undefeated XShooter23x lmao i call it a good round when i get in top 25 with more than 2 kills Got 7 seven kills yesterday and it was my first game and i won the second one but i just think that im a pc gamer and on xbox fortnites reflexes are just as slow as possible I usually play on laptop instead of console, remove it before a copystrike I have a copystrike btw.

I only play creative Same here man, but calm down with the toxicity dude And the problem is that as soon as they die to people who are better than them. CRK _ they are shooting true their own mouth No just wanted to relive the old days I did and i said it better be fortnite Recommended for me i remember this its bringing back memories maybe because its the most obvious answer and a lot of people do that anyways all the time WOW.

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