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I quited at the end of season 4, I found out he was right, Tim. I remember this song bro I used to be addicted to Fortnite good times ­ Last time I enjoyed this game was in season 5 I remember laughing and having fun with friends and randoms the the game started to drop Im back now its chapter 3 season 1 the games not what it used to be yh sure its gotten abit more fun but no game will ever beat fortnite season 1-5 1:21 im sure weve all heard this at least once in our life Ah the good days were fortnite was actually fun I remember when I saw there names I got hyped Who else is like watching this in and remember the good OG times­­ I remember when i watched it 3 years ago Ô I remember when my pc cannot run fortnite, Im not whining Look im saying to just play another game if the one you like is boring Taistelulaama granted they added a lot of updates.

AND REMEMBER THAT EPIC GAMES LOST MILLION OF DOLLARS BECAUSE OF TRY HARDERS Brandon OC Ehhhhh people are a lot more sweaty nowadays I also wish I could get a fortnite victory royale I joined in season 5, no matter what the problem was. Man the sounds of wood building, dont start getting clever, a decent player with a mouse and keyboard could easily take out a good player on console plus all the good players you see on PlayStation are using mouse and keyboard anyway (PS4 has mouse and keyboard support on fortnite) dont know about Xbox though When your going for high kill games such as this its not all about skill.

He got caught in bed with 2 dudes no joke, it would make it feel a lot like OG Fortnite 200 damage with the grey Pump, 11k is all i get now I didnt know of him until season 6 so gonna have to disagree No im pretty sure the game made him more popular AdRevenue Pls he did not make the game popular the game made him popular Malicious Cheese actually that is wrong, the title would be 1 KILL SOLO WIN The best player of FORNITE in the world fortnite Pineapple Head mine would be a 1 kill solo top 5 finish.

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