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Me Too lmao even if I was a fanboy of him i still wouldnt think his was the best. Boltanator Playz 94 with a lag switch 0 he would leave and be selfish to save himself instead if saving fans that like him and made if what he is rn he takes this game to serious and that is my answer Boltanator Playz hide all game then double pump, which will determine their gender.

fortnite was not meant here am I right LLAMAANDWOLF YT bruh fortnite was good he a pro dude How is that funny take away the emoji­ TheReal OrangeKid I watched this the day it come out Im looking through and then I see part two the day it comes out Im like wow ­ both the first day How the hell is this funny stop with the emojis ­ Implying Fortnite was fun to begin with. No skill needed. Im pretty sure he wont be going anywhere negative anytime soon. I wish i played this season more hours and i wish i knew what i was doing not just running and farming trees and shooting and wow man i wish i could go back Back to the days when fortnite was considered as worlds best Fortnite player?

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